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January 19, 2012



"Amongst their several tight circles" — is "tight circles" what the kids are calling 'em these days?

Don't forget Romney's distinguished Mormon heritage. He may not be too far removed from a generation rife with plural marriage. Does he get partial credit for grandparental dick sharing?

Mr. Kruger

ahh you're right- i didn't think of that! decades of family dick sharing secrets passed down through the generations. :)

H.E. Pennypacker

I heard today on the news that Newt asked his second wife if they could turn their marriage -- presumably theretofore monogamous (as far as she knew, anyway) -- into an open marriage. She wasn't into it.

All of this, of course, was while Newt was helping to nail Clinton to the wall for nailing an intern.

Family values, indeed.


As long as Santorum doesn't have a dick, I'm good. I'd have to find a way to get off this planet.


I like that he first offered the idea of an open marriage. That's what I call reaching across the aisle to build bridges and find compromises.

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