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January 09, 2012



Ugh. Here's the thing...if you tell me before the season starts that we go 12-4 but lose a road playoff where you lose your entire defensive line, have two hurt OLBs, lose your free safety, and your QB is at like 60%...I'd be okay with that. What are you gonna do, right? You can't win them all. That's a lot to overcome.

But not this. Not that way. Not getting shredded by Tebow. I can't watch ESPN for like a year now.


I know. And I think they have a legit shot against New England. Baltimore and maybe even Houston would tear them limb from limb. Fuck. Houston is the only team left that I don't mind winning.

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This game was awesome!


Fuck off, custom writing paper.


Custom writing paper makes a good point. The game was awesome.

and, look... the Steelers weren't winning the SuperBowl this year. They were going to lose to someone, right? Doesn't it feel better losing in a game where all your best players were injured and it still took a near miracle to beat you? Or does anything short of a SuperBowl victory feel like summer piss?


It's just embarrassing for a team that takes pride in their defense to get torched by a shitty QB like that. I hear ya though...there are harder things than being a Steeler fan. I'm over it.

Jack Klompus

Everyone's so wrapped up in Tebowgeddon that they are overlooking an equally annnoying figure in all of this: John Elway. I've always hated John Elway. Now we get to see him galloping around the sidelines with his giant Bronco teeth glistening in the sun. Sit the fuck down, gelding.

Mr. Kruger

there weren't many steelers fans at the bar in vermont i was in. not sure if it was better for the pats or jesus that they lose.


Any year that is not a Super Bowl victory sucks. So yes, most years suck. But luckily I get over it and start looking at mock drafts.

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