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January 18, 2012



If that Beluga had access to Wikipedia, he'd know you're not 40.

Mr. Kruger

if i were to tell you that both whales and dolphins evolved from a prehistoric dog that lived in pakistan 100 million years ago would it make a difference? would it fix the internet? would i be able to google cetacean sexual assault and read through a 15 mbs of well-referenced discourse on deviant whale behavior?

but it's irrelevant. because a killer whale is not an actually whale. pre-darwinian spearchuckers with jesus on the brain decided to call them that BECAUSE IT'S A BIG ASS SCARY AS FUCK FISH! so if you're going to use a picture of an orca dolphin doing its gay aerial hard-on dance have the sense not to call it a whale. because i'm willing to bet that that little gray pussy whale in the pic above would shittin itself stupid if orca dolphin came around.


I'm gonna say not a fish either though.

Mr. Kruger

honey badger don't give a shit.


But dolphins are just cute whales that like tuna. They both have blowholes, right?

Wikipedia is down, so you can't dispute me.


Kruger both wins and loses for using the word "cetacean" in his post and then subsequently calling an Orca a fish.

Mr. Kruger

well, actually, i was paraphrasing what a fisherman might say. you know, in the old days when anything that lived in the water was a fish.


I watched this totally sweet special on Orcas a while back. These fuckers hunt sharks, and EAT them.


Big swinging dicks of the sea.

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