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January 17, 2012


Captain Freedom

"You can't even attempt to make one of her recipes at home without wearing a pair of pants with an elastic band."

I'm stealing that and not giving you credit. Thanks!


Pretty much everything you wrote here is hilarious. Coz it's true.


I had heard of her but I had no idea how she cooked. So s my d. After you finish s-ing the first 11, that is.

Mr. Kruger

i've never heard her but she's sounds like a fascinating person. i guess that's why she's on tv.


My favorite part was her outrage at the public's lack of concern... I snorted just now, as I wrote that. Cuz...like...it is the most expected thing in the world. I think it would have been shocking to discover she is secretly thin, and only wears a fat suit to make people trust her, but not that she has Type 2. It was sort of like when Ellen Degeneres came out. I was like, "Huh? She's in???"

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