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January 23, 2012




Jack Klompus

"I have daughters so I'm all about promoting an environment where we start thinking about the ramifications of this."

I'm with you. My daughter asked if she could take dance lessons and I said, "Maybe. But how about Muay Thai? That looks fun."


So, according to the bear, it's better for two young people to get married than it is to awkwardly make out on a couch?

Mr. Kruger

Young people really are way too quick to jump in each other's pants

right, because sex is soooo serious. it's better left to the fat old farts who can really hammer away with style.


You're not like other guys, Vandelay. If a girl invites you in, it's always for sex.

Also, how is it okay for this kid to do acid/mushrooms and see cock blocking bears, but not have sex? Hypocrite.


Yeah, not too many women invite me to their house with the intention of not touching penis.


In High School?


Ehhhhh from my limited experience in high school yeah there was slight touching of penis. But it was high school style so it sucked. HEY IS THAT A NIP!


I pity the kids that don't get a good F*CK in before marriage. That's all.

H.E. Pennypacker

I don't know about Huckleberry in the video, but I'd do her. (Assuming she's 18.)

(Man, I hope she's 18.)

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