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January 25, 2012



Jesus Christ - that isn't an outtake from Spinal Tap or Reno 911? Why didn't he throw the guy out of his office ten seconds into realizing the pickle he was in? Holy shit!!


When he starts explaining that he's Italian so he may also enjoy some Italian cuisine it reminded me of the scene in Old School where Frank gets nervous at the therapist and he's like..."Maybe it's a thong. Maybe it's something really cool that I don't even know about."


Damn, this man's brain moves at glacial speed. The tacos comment was so bone-headed, I can't believe it. And then he wasn't quick enough on his feet to realize his mistake and actually think of an appropriate response to the question.


good thing for his sake he didn't have to do anything for the british community.


Every time I watch this, I just want to pull a fire alarm or toss a blanket over the microphone. And I watch this frequently.


Seriously. It's maddening. You almost feel bad for him.

Jack Klompus

He really missed a golden opportunity. He also could have said:

I might watch Univision tonight.

Or listen to my Gypsy Kings cd.

Or wrap all my food in aluminum foil.

Maybe move my extended family all into one apartment.

Or I might ride in the back of a pick-up truck with 10 other people.

Or go cook food in an Italian restaurant.

Or I might stand outside Home Depot for several hours.

Or I may go have some splash painted on my car's exterior.

Or perhaps get the Virgin Mary tattoo'ed somewhere on my thorax.

You know, shit like that. Hey I just keed-ing, Ese. How about you?


Who knew how firmly you had your finger on the pulse of Latino America?

Jack Klompus

"Who knew how firmly you had your finger on the pulse of Latino America?"

Si. Es Goya.

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