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December 28, 2011



You know, with the Ron Paul stuff... I'm for it. I'd like to see him get elected for exactly one term.

That way his supporters would realize that the president can't just walk in and eliminate income taxes or make laws. I'm sure he means every word of what he says, but thanks to our clusterfuck of a trillion dollar megalith we have in Washington, he wouldn't get past day five without saying, "fuck it - this place is impossible."

And after that, maybe they'd move on to a plan B.

H.E. Pennypacker

If we're talking having wacked-out extreme candidates for one term for president... give me Kucinich any day over Ron Paul.


Just wanted you to know I loved this site, and still look for new material about every week. I am sure you have a lot of lost "airing" fans. Start writing on here please!


Thanks Dave! That's great to hear. I think the annual bill comes around March so we'll see what we want to do going forward...whether it be fold or renew or find some people who are interested in contributing going forward. We just kind of got burnt out. This is a cool little corner of the internet though. I'd hate to see it go.


I feel as though it is my responsibility to start contributing... but really it is only out of loyalty to Art and his fantastic rhetoric! Oh yeah... and Assman too!!!


You'll need a better name.

Mr. Kruger

the only republican candidate isn't a wingnut is romney and he's just a complete tool ("who let the dogs out!").

i can't help but think obama is breathing a little easier with this run candidates. but then i remember this is the land of flaccid gray matter.

keylogger Mac

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