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June 03, 2011



How enormously frustrating it must be to be one of her handlers (does she still have handlers? she did when running for VP). How embarrassing it must be to be related to her. Unless, of course, her family members aren't any better educated than she is, in which case they may also scoff at them elites what thinks they's smarter than her.

Dude from Georgia

Wow. At some point you almost expect her to drop in with a "This is a complete guess, btw. How close was I?"

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Dr. Whatley

Dude, Vandelay, how does it feel to be spammed by the nfl jersey asshole? It's still minor leagues compared to the "make your penis larger" spammer but still.


I bet this just confuses her further: http://youtu.be/tEM3dW2oWW4

Mr. Kruger

Something about bell-ringing that just makes people want to hand over their guns to the bell-ringers. Thank god that canuckle head from Boston had the sense to put an end to that bullshit.

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don't you guys still tired speaking about poor Sarah??? I just can't watching all these titles anymore!! Sad((

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