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June 29, 2011



That's some fine sports writing, Puddy.


(Golf clap)

But seriously...I'm not entirely sure of your point here as well written as this is....there is NOTHING the media wants more than to see Tiger back winning majors. Especially those with a vested interest in the public's interest in golf. I think that you overestimate the public's fascination with Rory McIlroy.


Oh the media wants that but i am curious to see the reaction from Tiger if and when he wins another major.

And Mcilroy isn't the point. Just a proxy for the new hotness that has people discarding Tiger. I like McIlroy, i think he will win multiple majors, but we just have to temper the expectiations.


Echo Schmoopie, fine writing. As for Tiger, he needs to go back to being himself and not giving a shit about what others think. Bang broads, drop F bombs, show emotion on the course and just let it rip. Save the phony, pretend shit for the interviews.

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