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May 11, 2011


Dr. Whatley

Hell I forgot the NBA was still playing. When is NBA SmackdownFinalsmania 65 this year anyway? It's usually in July some time, I know that.

but maybe we can stop acting like he just ejaculated the second coming of Christ. Deal?

If Rondo did in fact, blow out the next JC, then Antonio Cromartie has ejaculated the second coming of all His Apostles already.


Here's a deal. You get Wade to apologize for intentionally injuring Rondo, and we'll work on getting the Rondo hype down.


That wasn't even close to intentional. He was falling backwards and Rondo had his arm around his waste. It's a natural human reaction to try to grab something to hold you up like that when you're falling down. Now, Wade trying to flatten Pierce on the pick in game 2 was far more egregious.


"and Rondo had his arm around his waste"

That's just gross.

anime figures

In the Ferris wheel there is a Santa Claus and several snowmen anime model


^ What is it about this site that makes us all look like the right demographic for selling anime figurines?

Jack Klompus

I think Rondo ended up hurting the Celts more than he helped them by playing hurt. He was zero offensive threat and looked utterly terrified out there. If Delonte West didn't have hands like feet, Rondo would have been reduced to the bench. I got no beef with Wade playing physical. Celts used to be known for the same brand of play. They could've pushed back, but they didn't. Or couldn't. But the ultimate difference in the series was Miami's bench. James Jones and Joel Anthony stepped up.

Anyway, Lakers are out - so all is good.


Agreed. It's been clearly proven that Rondo is the key to that team's success. Rondo isn't gonna carry a team without guys like Pierce, KG, and Allen around him but they need him just as much as he needs them.

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I wish the lockout would stop and the NBA season starts soon. I've been waiting since September to see them play.

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