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April 28, 2011



A. Yes, MS Word sucks ass with its heavy-handed "oh, you REALLY want us to auto-format a numbered list, a heading, or some crazy indents." (I'm not sure how they can suck asses with the heavy hands, but I hear they have software engineers working on that round the clock.)

2. Newman, you might also try sending telegrams. Or maybe telexes.

III. I have zero interest in any sports draft or in any fantasy sports league. Never stopped me from commenting.

action figure

For those of you who have recently rediscovered anime figures


Nice work, Newman. Nailed that Heyward shit.

Mr. Kruger

Goodell is not a popular dude I take it. Can they draft a new commissar.


I'm worried about Fairly and that whole cashing checks thing too now that the Lie-Downs have picked him. I hope he's a beast. If he pussies out, Suh and VandenBosch will cut his dick off.

Coach Factory

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