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April 13, 2011



I wonder what the 1% "Other" stands for? Matchmaking for dates? Because I always thought that Planned Parenthood is more in the 35% range for that. What a great place to pick up chicks, eh? /es

Fire him. Agreed.

Newman (I-FL)

This is usually something that dumbasses who aren't elected US Representatives would pull. I think everyone in Congress should start doing it.


Come on... just because Arizona's cowboys keep electing old idiots doesn't make us as bad as Georgia. I don't think we filmed the Dukes of Hazzard here even once. And I know we never faked a Bigfoot capture.

If I was John Kyl's hype man, I'd have said, "The Senator meant to imply that over 90% of government subsidized abortions occur at Planned Parenthood." Maybe it's still false, but it sounds better than "He was just talking to be talking."

But as previously discussed (on Facebook?), our leaders don't have to be know exact facts like what country is on what continent. They just have to mean well, or something.


Well, and to be fair, that graph shows what was going on in 2009. Perhaps this Kyl dude is in on some more up to date stats that show that abortions have shot up 92% in the past year and a half? Maybe?...

I dunno. I keep looking at his name, and feeling like there are too many letters missing from it. Driving me CRAZY.


FWIW, Kyl is retiring

Mr. Kruger

I heard Planned Parenthood is going to include optometry services with their other program. They will give you a vision test while you're getting an abortion. It's part of their plan to draw in more clients and wipe out the human race.

12-inch Newman

Sometimes I tell women that I have a 12-inch penis. It's not meant to be fact, just to illustrate the point that I want to have sex with them.

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