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April 14, 2011



Does this make D-Ware a communist, socialist, or facist? Those lines are so fucking blurry these days.

Good for him, though.


Does this make D-Ware a communist, socialist, or facist?

He gave back $60k, but kept the $20mm. He's more like a guy who tells the clerk at 7-11, "it's ok. Keep the change."

Peyton Newman

He made the $20 mil by being better than everybody else. I'd say he shouldn't have to loan that out to Dez. But I think the $60K thing is a good gesture and that the QBs should have done the same thing. The f does Drew Brees need lockout petty cash for?


He made the $20 mil by being better than everybody else.

(Except James Harrison)


The thing that confused me when I originally saw this snippet at its source was if "cashed in" meant the quarterbacks cashed in by collecting the 60K in lockout money or if the quarterbacks cashed in like Ware, meaning signed a giant contract and don't need/didn't take the 60K.


DSafe, I think you are correct and I definitely read it wrong.


My only guess as to why the QBs collected that money would be that it might be a condition of the anti-trust lawsuits they're filing. Or they're too rich to even notice.

I truly doubt that those guys are going to let their offensive linemen miss any meals during this lockout.

Mr. Kruger

Maybe they can take money and buy everyone more pink slippers for next year's charity.

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I disagree strongly with the last two commenters.


Newton? I meant Newman. Sweet.

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