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April 14, 2011



What difference does it make? There's so much crap evidence in the world that it's hard to know absolutely what happened.

Maybe she's a liar and a scumbag. Maybe this is the same conspiracy crap the birthers try and pull. Either way, she's useless and unelectable. But kinda fun.


Well it makes a difference because it would mean that she's not only a hypocrite and a liar but unquestionably bat-shit insane and all of her sheep would now have to face that reality and maybe in turn adopt a little humility and crawl back into the hole that they came from.

No? Probably not?

Mr. Kruger

It's obviously hers- they share the same IQ.


Oh snap.


This would just make me dislike her more. If that was even possible...


...and all of her sheep would now have to face that reality

Read that back again?

maybe in turn adopt a little humility and crawl back into the hole that they came from.

Shit ain't never going to happen. If someone found a 40 year old video of Obama with a bone in his nose singing about having never been to Hawaii, don't you think we'd immediately fire up evidence about how it was doctored and part of a conspiracy?

Everyone chose sides already and humility isn't entering the conversation. Palin's people probably don't care if its her baby. She's their hero.


But the point is, shouldn't this be a much bigger conspiracy than the birther thing? I mean...did you read that? We're not being fooled into believing that she took a 20 hour trip after her water broke! They readily admit that.


I mean could you imagine if this abstinence loving wing-nut covered up her daughter's pregnancy to make it her own and then immediately after she gets the Republican VP bid and immediately after that her daughter that was raised on abstinence values among every other conservative wing-nut value out there gets knocked up again? You have to admit...that's a hell of a story!

I mean there are some people who thought it was a huge deal the first time!


And really...98 comments? We suck now!


I miss biased Assman. Just sayin'.

Although the big question here would have to be, how come nobody noticed Bristol was pregnant? She was in school, right?


It wouldn't matter if it came out now and it were absolutely true, because Palin has built up so much farm cred that she's untopplable amongst many folks.


Mr. Kruger

If it was true somebody would have gotten the scoop by now and it would have been all over the universe 20x over. No way would any media outlet let that one go. If I'm wrong than I guess most ppl are so sick of looking at her ugly face (myself included) they don't give a fuck. Just stick a fork in her already.


I'm still pretty biased; I just don't see any way this is a path to people changing their minds about her. She could go on TV and admit it and the people who support her would still support her.

It almost has nothing to do with her as a person as much as it has to do with America's simple people believing being simple is a good thing.

Jack Klompus

"America's simple people believing being simple is a good thing."

Yes, simple. Like "hope and change." Details are not important.


Just stick a fork in her already.

I wish this would happen. She came to here a few months ago for a book signing and snarled traffic for effin' miles because these clowns wanted her Herbie Hancock. Go away Sarah, and leave your promiscuous daughter on my doorstep.


I read about the fake baby months ago, and believe it.
Hell, I'm @ 6 months and look far bigger than that.

Perhaps she should be as forthcoming about the info and birth records as she expects the president to be.


""America's simple people believing being simple is a good thing."

Yes, simple. Like "hope and change." Details are not important."

I could be wrong, but weren't some details given that he just didn't stay true to? I guess you could have put some of the health care plans on campaign signs but I don't think it would have had the same ring to it.


@bethany - Right? I was HUGE at 6 months. And? She has other children and from what I see you seem to get bigger faster with each additional pregnancy.

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