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September 20, 2006



That article was beautiful.


I happen to like a-Rod and do agree that Giambi-- who sucked for a full season and a half after he got off the juice-- seemed to get a pass (maybe its because of his really weird abgibuous apology for as yet unspoken offenses) If A-Rod is roundly criticized for a sun tan in the park why arent people throwing syringes at Giambi? As for Mussina< he's had an excellent season, but has been inconsistent for the past 3. You never knew what you were going to get when it was his turn in the rotation. A-Rod's not perfect but he has produced. Lets see what he does this post season.

The big O

Damn bruh, you really do not like this cat. It's funny to me because being from Seattle and being a Mariners fan, I've seen some A-Rod hate. But I was never mad at this dude, I know I woulda took that muthafuckin money too. Although I woulda been straight up about it, instead of saying "I want to win" and then going to the last place team in the division. Your hatred of this cat is unhealthy, put it somewhere constructive like into hating Joe 'I Suck' Buck.

The big O

Addendum; However anyone who wears a Duke shirt, hat, or anything else Duke related is a douchebag. That should be a fuckin Man Law. Somebody get Miller on the phone.


My God, he's right...if there is one thing I hate more than when my brother and his friend clog up my sink by shoving food down it it's biracial people. I mean, seriously, pick a race, you know?


Full disclosure: I'm a Red Sox fan. Of all of the rotten shit that Sox fans have ever hurled at him, none have ANYTHING to do with his ethnicity. That's a pathetic attempt to paint all A-Rod haters as racist. When did he start taking lessons from Carl Rove? Does he know that Republicans hate black people? (That's what Kanye taught me).

All I can say is that the bitch took the money, pissed and moaned his way out of Texas (with the money) and plays for the team that the whole country hates the most(the Red Sox come in second on that one too). So take it like a man and go home to count your money. For $25M/year, you can call me whatever you want. I'll just laugh as I'm lighting my Cuban cigars with hundreds.

Oh, and unless you are currently enrolled at Duke, you deserve a donkeypunch for wearing any Duke gear in public.


It's pretty simple really. A-Rod isn't wired to deal with adversity. He's probably been worshipped his whole life. This is the first time he's ever had to deal with it. Is he a little eccentric? Sure, but we knew that.


Maybe he's supporting the Lacrosse team.


"Addendum; However anyone who wears a Duke shirt, hat, or anything else Duke related is a douchebag. That should be a fuckin Man Law. Somebody get Miller on the phone."

A bit of background that you probably were not aware of, O. The picture was taken during a Duke-FSU game. Which, of course, makes A-Rod's douchebaggery even that much more egregious. True to form, the douchebag is rooting for both teams, trying to be loved by all and instead winding up with everyone looking at him like he is a Phony Fucking Douchebag.

A quote from The Captain the other day (and I have to think that he had A-Fraud in mind w/ respect to the last sentence):

"I've heard people say it [comparing Jeter to Dimaggio]. It's flattering anytime you hear something like that. It's kind of unfair to him, though," Jeter says, sitting in front of his locker. "I've only been here a little while."

If there are similarities, they are accidental, Jeter says. "It wasn't like I molded myself after him. You can't be something you're not or you aren't going to be believable."

"Eccentric," Jerloma? Mark Fidrych was eccentric. Rickey Henderson was eccentric. Oil Can Boyd was eccentric. Alex Rodriguez is a fucking douchebag.

Apples. Bowling Balls.

Kristal K

Wow -- I used to just hate him for being a Yankee -- now I just hate him.

Can someone explain to me what being biracial has to do with anything? Does he honestly think that matters in New York? The home of Juan Epstein?


I never liked that word biracial. I say we bring back mulatto.

The big O

How 'bout NO!!!! You crazy dutch bastard.


I prefer Mutt. I mean really, whatever happened to keepin' it real?

The big O

I sometimes use mutt, but that's one of those things that only mixed people can use. I prefer good old fashioned mixed, or Heinz 57.


or Heinz 57.

I don't get it.

The big O

My mother is from the midwest, apparantly they refer to mixed breed dogs and cats as Heinz 57's.

I have a couple questions for my mixed brethren out there (really only applies to mixed black and white);

1.) Growing up were you immediatly accepted any and everywhere as black by any and every other black person?

2.) Did this ever happen to you with white people?

I know for myself the answer to #1 is most definatly yes, and the answer to #2 is hell no and I better not hear of it happening either, craker ass crackers.

Kristal K

Mark Fidrych was eccentric. Rickey Henderson was eccentric. Oil Can Boyd was eccentric. Alex Rodriguez is a fucking douchebag.



Big O what is your point with #2? That you would be upset if a white person immediately considered you black, or if they considered you white?

Big O, the tragic mulatto.

Just kiddin man.

The big O


elm tree

Respect big O. I've always thought that if the KKK or some neo-Nazi cats rushed into a room and started shooting all the people who didn't look white, and you would be one of the people getting shot, then you are Black. That don't mean you can't love and honor your white parent and heritage, but I never understood how that affection and respect is somehow greater if you call yourself bi-racial.

M. Butler

Being half irish and half scottish, I was viewed as someone who couldn't drink by both sides. But now that I've lost my job, my friends, and my woman due to alcohol, who can't drink now? Huh? Huh?


Maybe what Arod meand was that he was bi;and racist?


Did Verducci spend the summer hiding in a garbage can inside of the Yankee's clubhouse? How in the hell did he get all of those quotes?

The big O

Elm Tree,

I feel you, and I love, honor, and respect my mother and her heritage (the native american part anyways). It's just a trip growin' up mixed, when I was a kid I remember white kids callin me all types of niggers (my mother got waaaay more upset when this type of shit happened than pops did, he just said to ingnore 'em because they were ignorant and didn't know any better, but moms was livid), gettin called half-breed, sayin shit about moms because she was with a brotha, I got in soo many damn fisticuffs as a kid it's not funny. But I never, ever heard a single derogatory remark from my black folks regarding my heritage, ever. It was always immediate acceptance. So if it ever came down to chossing sides, it's really not even a question. -1

howard in nyc

jackie, i don't understand. you've always been arod's biggest fan, what the hell happened? just one magazine article changed your mind?


A-Rod will go down as one of the 3 best players to ever play the game. He will no doubt break Bond's (soon to be) HR record and will most likely hold the RBI record as well. You hate him because of the $, not because of his personality. You are ALL the ignorant douchebags!


Oh and btw, Red Sox fans are among the most loyal, passionate and obnoxious fans there are. Do not forget that you were loving him before 2004 and were all ready to sell Ramirez down the river for a chance to put A-Rod in a Red Sox uniform! Not to mention he was willing to take a pay cut to play there.

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