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June 22, 2006


Cozmo from CH

Hey, he DOES speak with a lisp...

Just sayin'


Easy on the speech impediments.



Kristal K

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Dr. Strangejazz

Damn, for the record I don't think Strahan is gay or on the DL.

But I do think there are active NFL players out there who are gay. AND NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THAT, just freaking DO YOUR JOB and win.


"Damn, for the record I don't think Strahan is gay or on the DL."

What's your basis for that statement. I know it's just an opinion, but I'm just interested to find out how you got there.

(By the way, I almost went with "curious" right there.)

Jack Klompus

"By the way, I almost went with "curious" right there.)"

Curiosity and serenity?


Wendy Williams on Hot 97 was supposed to talk to Dr Ian about the rumors. her catch phrase "how you doin?" is shorthand for implying that an entertainer or publi figure is in the closet. One day she started off her show "Will Smith, Puff Daddy, Duane Martin, Tom Cruise, Al Reynolds, how yall doin?"

Dr. Strangejazz

@Jackie, it's an opinion it's just based on how this story is setup (man divorces wife and stays and friends house), it just looks too easy to say that he's gay. I'm not buying it.

The big O

I always wondered why he never got that gap fixed. Maybe he uses it it like a field goal post.... Skeet Skeet It's good.


"Maybe he uses it it like a field goal post."

You're not giving Dr. Ian much credit. What gives?


read something today that said he and Dr Smith's twin brother were working out together at the Crunch gym on Christopher street


I Don't Know About Him Being on the DL and all But Dr. Ian Do Seem Kind of You Know, Don't Make me Say it, LOL, but What Ever is Going On, I Say Be Who You are Cause If You go Lie about Something, Lie to Someone Else, and Not Yourself. If They are Gay, I think they Should Man Up and Own It but, I do think there are Some DL football players Out there but Who Cares, I Don't.


Yet another unsubstantiated rumor created by an inquiring & sick mind.

I don't know either personally and don't have to.

It's not true!


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I don't know either personally and don't have to.

It's not true!

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