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December 23, 2005



"Occassionally he'll just his finger -- yo, YO -- and twist his hand sideways, like he's holding a glock in that sideways fashion that everyone thought was a cool way to hold a gun in the late '90s."

I was still laughing at this line when I finished the post.


You shoulda went straight up Fiddy Cent on his ass, Will. And all along I was reading Deadspin and thinking you were hard. GO figure.

Echo Aaron on that line. Killing me.


You shouldda jumped up and said "G-G-G-G-G-Unit!!"

And that 14 year old with braces and the "yo, yo" action, just priceless isn't it?

Give it 4 years an he will be a dad, presumably. Let that thought marinate for a minute.

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